Pieces for #RHSU, book 2 updates

Happy December, Ed Cases. I hope you’re doing well, wherever you are. Taking a quick break from riding the badass machine in the featured image to send some updates.

First, I did a series of pieces for Rick Hess’s ‘Straight Up’ blog at Ed Week that appeared last week. No need to cross-post, but you can link to them here:

Working together, the three pieces cover themes I’ve covered elsewhere but that I feel are always worth repeating: it’d be a good idea to be more evidence-driven in education, we’re really really bad at it but there are signs of life, a good first step would be to start from classrooms up (as top-down approaches are unlikely to be good — and for lots of reasons), etc., etc. As always, feel free to have a read and be in touch about them, pass them on to folks you think would find them interesting, and all that.

Also, I’ve begun researching and drafting my next book in earnest (which I’m doing with the fine John Catt Educational, by the way — a thrill, as they’ve put out some of the last few years’ best ed titles). It’ll be quite a lot different from Education is Upside-Down, in that it’ll be directly based in an experience I had as a classroom teacher — not to produce one of those annoying and navel-gazing ‘I am a teacher…and this is the real story’ stories that somehow don’t say anything*, but as a springboard into (1) research and exploration of current debates and (2) some recommendations for how real improvements can move forward in schools, both individual-practically and organizationally.

*NOTE: Not all views from the classroom are annoying and navel-gazing. See Barry Garelick’s books, for example, which walk the line between memoir and prescription-for-improvement better than pretty well any I’ve seen.

So yeah, I’m hoping with this one to follow through on the inspiration I mentioned in this post a few months back. I hope it all continues as I’m envisioning it, as the early-stage work has already been very fulfilling. I’ve been able to re-connect with several former students and former teaching colleagues, and, well, it’s an experience I really recommend if you haven’t tried it. I look forward to learning more from them and building on it in the months ahead. I’ll check in as I can (as, naturally, a lot’s bugging me lately — surprise!), but may be a bit dark around here until spring or so. Take care and be in touch!



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