My name is Eric Kalenze, and I am A Total Ed Case.

I am an educator and writer based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and this blog features my takes on education practice and reform. I’ll also use the space to occasionally share news and updates about my books, What the Academy Taught Us: Improving Schools from the Bottom Up in a Top-Down Transformation Era (John Catt Publishing, 2019) and Education Is Upside-Down: Reframing Reform to Focus on the Right Problems (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014).

In addition to this blog space, I can be followed/liked/contacted online via Twitter or Facebook. For my professional profile, see LinkedIn, and for more info on my other writing, speaking, or consultancy, check the tabs above.

For more on what I like to do in my spare time, see herehere, or here.

Thanks so much for reading. Please be in touch!


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