Education Is Upside-Down: Pre-order is open!

Well, a few big things have happened in American education since I established this blog a couple months ago. 2013 NAEP results were published (and disappointing), Louis CK and even more US states teed off on the Common Core, NCTQ made teacher-prep programs look bad, teacher-prep programs (predictably and again) cried foul on NCTQ, California’s Vergara decision may have changed teacher tenure forever, and so on.

A Total Ed Case was not there for any of them. Sorry. I was paying a lot of attention, I promise. Be assured: I will use this space to circle around to at least a few of them in the near future.

The big reason I couldn’t get there, though, is that I’ve been busy getting my book into production with Rowman & Littlefield Education. If all stays on schedule, books should be available this October. If interested in learning a little more and perhaps even reserving your own copy, pre-order is officially open on Amazon. If you check it out and have any questions about the synopsis, feel free to be in touch.