My presentation deck from #rEDPhil19

As my head’s still spinning a bit from last weekend’s researchED US event in Philadelphia (and, of course, as I had to jump back into school this morning), I haven’t had time to prep a recap/reflection post. I will before the week’s out, I promise. If you’d like to get a peek at what others thought of the day before then, check out the #rEDPhil19 hashtag on Twitter. It’s rather lively, and we’re rather proud of that.

…and by all means: if you were there yourself, please feel free to write & post your own! It’s one of the best ways we can spread the word about researchED, after all. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to do anyway and send to me. I’ll post it here. (And think about starting a blog. Seriously.)

While I get on that day-reflection, here is my talk’s presentation deck. In it you’ll see a bit about my new book, What the Academy Taught Us: its intended arguments, why I wrote it the way I did, etc., etc. Be in touch if you have questions!



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