Presentation deck from #researchedchile

I was fortunate to spend last week in Santiago, Chile, speaking at the country’s first researchED conference. While events I’m sure you’ve heard about made it an interesting time to be in Santiago, the rED event was still a huge success: 400+ educators in attendance, loads of high-quality presenters (naturally), top-notch coordination, the works.

Huge congrats to our host, Rodrigo Lopez, and to his entire team at Aptus. I hope I can go back there sometime soon–and that safety and peace can be restored among Chile’s people as soon as possible.

Though I’m sure researchED Chile will be making presenters’ presentation decks available soon, I’m putting mine here in case anyone is interested. Titled “Direct vs Inquiry-Based Instruction”, it’s intended to be an introductory look at inquiry-based approaches’ basic tenets, origins, and results. Those wishing to dig deeper on the topic should see the deck’s final slide, which contains a fairly lengthy list of resources for further study.

ALSO: If you saw the presentation in person and need the slides in Spanish, those are posted here as well.


SPANISH VERSION: 2 – Eric Kalenze – Enseñanza directa vs enseñanza por indagación


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