Barry Garelick on math–on YouTube!

If you’ve looked through this blog, you know I’m a big fan of Barry Garelick. He’s a dedicated math teacher and well-studied observer/critic of math instruction whose ideas have helped me understand so much over the past 6-7 years. I’m truly grateful for his intellect, passion, and wit.

To see his thoughtful takes on math instruction for yourself, start at his blog Traditional Maththis selection of pieces for The Atlantic, or this fine piece on procedures-vs-understanding at Education News. (And there’s plenty more where that came from out there, too. Search for what he’s published online, and check out his books.)

If you’re a little too tired to read at the moment (and I wouldn’t blame you — it is most certainly that time of year if you work in education), you can now see Barry do his math-wisdom thing in talk form on YouTube. Check it out here. Even if you’re pretty well familiar with Barry’s takes, you might find it fun to see someone you’ve until now only been able to see in print. I sure did. (I’d never so much as heard Barry’s voice until this was posted, so this was a real kick for me. We haven’t been able to connect on a researchED yet, but we will.)

Happy learning!


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