Let’s build a learning library (slight return)

This is the back part of a longer post from last week, which requested readers’ participation on a crowd-sourced reference guide/library for those seeking more info on evidence-supported education practices. (If interested in the long-winded justification/set-up, see here.)

Have had some takers, but am throwing it out there again. (And yes, I’ll be adding some of my own in due time.) Please consider adding some names!

Please use this format: 

  • Respond in the comments here with names, internet accessibility (Twitter, blog, org, etc.), brief description of each person’s expertise, and where they’re based (if available). A model might look like this:
  • Please make sure that the folks you offer up base their practical guidance on a sound basis of evidence, not just innovation for innovation’s sake or things that ring sentimentally but haven’t produced much good. (And if you don’t know the difference, do poke around a bit. You may be surprised how many ‘experts’ out there are really saying really profound, instructionally empty things.)
  • This is not an anti-reformer board. Like I’ve said before, some of the best people out there on practice are actually from reform’s ‘adult table’. (Reference to earlier piece.)
  • Through the comment approval process I’ll do my best to keep up on the submissions and check to make sure about things like evidence bases and such.
  • And, of course, if it’s all a huge mess we’ll call this first attempt a 1.0 and I’ll figure out a better way to do it.

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