A quick heads-up: npj Science of Learning Community

Hey Ed Cases. I hope everyone’s had a good June.

Very quickly, especially for those of you interested in the science of learning and how it can be brought more intentionally into your schools and classrooms: Nature Partner Journals has built a new community on the science of learning, and their catalog is growing. It seems like it could become a really good resource for those interested. (Special thanks here to Ulrich for connecting me to them, by the way.)

I contributed a piece there this week (an overview of the status of evidence-based ed practices in the US — hoping to build upon it as time allows), and it has made it to lots of folks internationally that I didn’t already know via researchED (NYC conference tix now on sale, by the way–check out that lineup!) or edutwitter. Pretty cool.

Take a look, be in touch with comments/feedback, join the Sci of Learning community, add the site to your bookmarks, look into contributing a piece, or whatever. I’ve found them to be really good folks, and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take it.


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