aggravatED: The education consultant-management education consulting firm

Dear Assistant Superintendent MacGuffin:

Thank you for your interest in partnering with aggravatED, the education consultant-management education consulting firm, and for so thoughtfully completing our preliminary readiness screening tool, the Partner, Initiative, & Stakeholder Survey (PISS™).

Our consultant-management consultants looked with great interest at your PISS™, and they concluded definitively that your district would benefit from our innovative, strategic, and accountability-focused guidance.

As you may remember from our informational materials, our initial PISS™ analyses categorize participating schools/districts into four categories describing overall focus and consistency: Laser, Inconsistent, Diffuse, and Without Tangible Focus (WTF).

According to this scale, our initial analysis — which included a study of historic district performance and engagement data — identified your district’s PISS™ as just at the division between ‘Diffuse’ and ‘WTF’. Below are a few noteworthy — and seemingly competing — initiatives/partners that helped us reach these conclusions:

  • Partnership with disruptED, ed-tech firm facilitating district’s 1:1 digital device initiative (in effect since 2013, no observable gain in student performance)
  • Partnership with comprehendED, literacy intervention software providers/PD coaches (in effect as intervention for struggling readers district-wide since 2009, no observable, sustained gain in student performance)
  • Partnership with makemathawesomED!, game-based math intervention software providers and math-growth-mindset programming (in effect as weekly math supplement — including PD for all elementary math teachers offsite once per month — since 2012; no observable gain in student performance, numerous schools have discontinued)
  • Partnership with differentiatED, standards-based grading/differentiation advisers and PD coaches (implemented 2015, effect on student performance as yet uncertain; considerable amounts of PD time being used to implement at staff-training level)
  • Partnership with restorED, restorative practices behavior-management trainers (introduced 2014, training teams of teacher leaders centrally; student suspensions down in schools over that period, but number and severity of violent incidents within schools have increased)
  • Partnership with accountEDfor, teacher evaluation policy consultants (relationship beginning 2011, teacher evaluation system implemented 2012: as above, no observable gain in student performance)

These half-dozen examples should provide at least some illustration for your short-term consideration and planning. For our more comprehensive analysis of your district’s Diffuse/WTF PISS™ (and trust us, there’s lots more where this came from), please contact us to work out full report pricing and/or next steps for a fuller partnership with aggravatED. We look forward to hearing back from you and wish you the best in your continued efforts!





  1. This is greatness! I’m always amazed at how districts and consultants who are so ‘data-driven’ do not use data to confirm or deny the effectiveness of these ‘solutions’.

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