researchED DC talk slides, ‘Hip-Waders for Bullsh-initiatives’

After months of planning, we got researchED DC in the books yesterday. And yes, it was again unforgettable on all the usual scores: I was able to meet and chat with people I’ve looked up to for years, see them speak about their work & ideas, connect with colleagues from around the world I’d previously known only virtually, laugh my ass off near-continually, etc., etc., etc. Though being a conference organizer for rED DC provided a whole new view, this may have been my favorite researchED experience yet — really saying something, of course, based on my overflowing appreciation of the org. (See previous gushings on this blog and elsewhere for proof on that.)

I’ll go into all that in more detail sometime soon, promise. Got a DC-based college buddy to meet for lunch and a few hours between to see some DC sights by foot and early morning light. For now, here are my presentation slides: researched_102916. Take, use at home, review and send questions or angry feedback, whatever. Just keep the conversation going, please.

Thanks again, researchED. Waited a long time for you, and thrilled to be a part of you.


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