Review of ‘Ed Is Upside-Down’ at Teachers College Record

University of New Hampshire education professor Todd DeMitchell’s review of my Education Is Upside-Down: Reframing Reform to Focus on the Right Problems is now up at Teachers College Record. (Free this week, by the way, before it goes behind TC Record’s paywall.)

I appreciate Dr. DeMitchell’s thorough read and insights, as well as his suggestions for ideas I could have made more detailed or clear. In all I love the review’s fairness, especially in light of the fact that Dr. DeMitchell does not agree with some of the book’s central premises. While such disagreement can pull some thinkers into snide commentary or reductionist counter-arguments, Dr. DeMitchell never goes anywhere near.

(…and considering some of what I’ve seen lately between parties in disagreement, the professionalism is particularly refreshing. Thanks again, Dr. DeMitchell & TC Record.)

Now go check it out! And as always, be in touch if you have comments, questions, etc.


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