‘Ed Is Upside-Down’ – 5 Stars from Jack Marwood in Schools Week UK!

Super quick, y’all, to pass on some exciting news: this week’s Schools Week (a UK ed publication) includes a flattering and thoughtful five-star (!) review of Education Is Upside-Down from Jack Marwood — Twitter’s IcingOnTheCake/@jack_marwood.

The online version isn’t yet available (like the US’s Education Week, Schools Week is also distributed in print and much of its content requires a subscription to view), but I’ll post a link when it is. For now, here’s an image of the page it’s on. Check it out — alongside Andrew Old’s ‘Top Blogs of the Week’, no less!


(Here’s a pdf of the page, too, for easier reading: Page 24.)

If interested in the entire issue, Schools Week is offering a free download of the current edition this week (click here to access).

Thanks to Jack and Schools Week, and thanks to you if you take a little time to read. Make sure to be in touch with feedback/reactions, and enjoy the weekend!

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