Author Milestone: Reader review on Goodreads!

As I’d always planned to use the space here at A Total Ed Case to give updates on news about my book, Education Is Upside-Down: Reframing Reform to Focus on the Right Problems, I have to take a quick moment to log this:

Yesterday I got my first reader review (positive–with five stars no less!) on Goodreads. Here it is.

Though I’ve gotten lots of feedback on the book in the few months it’s been out, and though I received endorsement blurbs from some of my biggest heroes in ed-thought-land (who very generously gave of their busy schedules to provide such), this milestone is way up there for me. Having used Goodreads so regularly to catalog my own reading and to find new titles, seeing a reader’s thoughts about my work at the site was like a dream come true. Like hearing a song of your own on the radio, I suppose.

So check it out if you get a chance. And hey: if you’ve read my book, feel free to make my day by posting your own review on Goodreads, Amazon, your blog, or whatever. I’d love the feedback!


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