Breaking Ground

Welcome! Glad you could make it to A Total Ed Case. I’m Eric Kalenze, a Minnesota-based educator and writer, and I plan to use this space for a number of things.

One: Periodically commenting on current developments in U.S. education in light of my professional experiences and research background. As the eduscape is so interesting of late, I can’t imagine there will be many shortages of inspiring grist.

Two: Adding insights and anecdotes to arguments made in my book (to be published in the coming year by Rowman & Littlefield Education–return for details, as manuscript and title are currently in final stages). Ideally, these insights and anecdotes will rise from conversations with folks who, hoping to discuss the book’s ideas further, help convert A Total Ed Case into a conversation platform.  I will not, of course, go so far as to presume I’ll have visitors, much less eager conversation partners. For now, I’ll just say it’s something I’m hoping will happen as this blog matures.

Three: Posting marketing & promotional updates related to the book as necessary.

Four: Making miscellaneous comments about things that happen to somehow lodge in my craw about politics, recommended reads, NFL football, great rock bands, or whatever.

My starting-out goal is to update A Total Ed Case 1-2 times per week, but will monitor for feasibility/sufficiency after I get rolling.

Thanks for looking in. Check back soon for something of (I hope, anyway) more substance.


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